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Anne is a technical writer at Improbable and her job involves writing all manner of technical documentation – including release notes, which was the subject of her talk. Anne has also uniquely fused poetry and documentation, which is a refreshing approach to say the least. As in releases earlier than 6.0, a multi-tier installation is also available that enables you to install the administration server, network tier, application tier, and database on separate systems. Internal release notes may not have a universal audience. That’s why it’s a good idea to create different release notes for other teams and/or to organize your notes based on what specific audience segments will care about. Release notes can take on different roles in product marketing and serve a broader purpose.

definition of release note

The workaround is to update the private API by assigning it to all the available partner groups. For any API that is made public in this manner, manually assign the API to any new partner group that you create afterward. The callback data that an application provides when it sends messages using OneAPI MMS is now returned in the delivery report notification sent to the application. Communication services that relied on the INAP/SS7 protocols as the network interface are no longer supported. The Parlay X 2.1 Terminal Status/MAP communication service is deprecated.

Use release notes to re-engage, not irritate, your audience:

You need to find a balance between providing enough detail and not overwhelming users with big, confusing blocks of text. The people who scan release notes want information on what’s been changed and how that affects them. So keep explanations short and simple, but don’t oversimplify.

Release notes also feed the process of end-user documentation, user guide and training materials. In truth, however, release notes can play a vital role in the overall product experience because they provide a valuable opportunity to communicate with customers and your broader market. When done well, they have the potential to nurture engagement and increase customer loyalty.

They’ve written everything from poetry to bug ASCII graphics. Keep all of your changes in one single location or in-app changelog. It is a terrific method to ensure that they are always relevant and that your users can locate them. Readers must have a solid knowledge of the new features to be eager to download the latest release.

SS7 Support Removed

This Release Notes template is designed around four separate sections. You can remove sections as needed, based on your company standards and procedures. My particular audience needed to know exactly what got changed in the product, and why. Enter a search term to find results in the documentation. Ignition, the open source exception debug page created by Spatie, has been redesigned from the ground up.

definition of release note

You can use SAML credentials to gain access to resources protected by OAuth 2.0. There are obviously specific signs for many words available in sign language that are more appropriate for daily usage. Get monthly digest on technical writing, UX and web design, overviews of useful free resources and much more.

These are perfectly natural tendencies but Anne had to make the release notes more direct and talk to the user. Most technical writers are usually trying to get away such a style in their documentation. However, Anne soon found that developers writing release notes resulted in documentation that was not particularly user-friendly.


Single running document that has one section for each release date. All you have to do is add a section for each new release. That way, all of the release notes are centralized in one place for consumption. Although not exclusive to Laravel 9.x, Laravel has recently assisted with the documentation of Soketi, a Laravel Echo compatible Web Socket server written for Node.js. Soketi provides a great, open source alternative to Pusher and Ably for those applications that prefer to manage their own Web Socket server.

definition of release note

Release Notesmeans electronic notification issued by AVEVA at the launch of a new Product or a product update or technical modification of a Product. Issue summary – A short description of the bug or the enhancement in the release. Release notes can also be interpreted as describing how to install or build the software, instead of highlighting new features or resolved bugs. Another term often used in this context is System Requirements, meaning the required hardware and software for installing or building the software.

The reader should clearly understand which product is being updated in the release. Release Notes provide interactive connections with your audience, improving the product, and adding current features to your project. Another method to make your release note notifications more valuable and relevant for users is to segment them depending on what they’ve seen from you. And even how long they’ve been users and what they’ve engaged in the past. Keeping things simple with technology and new features and updates might be challenging. You want to go over every detail, and with so much documentation, you absolutely must.

Step 3: State the Release Version Details

General posts useful to all documentarians about writing documentation, editing and publishing workflows, and more. She developed a specific framework to make this process easier using the terms “previously” and “now”. “Previously” refers to what the software did before, and “now” to what the software does now. This meant developers were writing notes from the perspective of the people engineering the software, and this didn’t make a whole lot of sense to the ones actually using it.

  • You can probably tell what kind of crowd there was at Write the Docs Prague 2018.
  • For products that have already been in use by clients, the release note is delivered to the customer when an update is released.
  • MBean has been added to Services Gatekeeper to provide you with a statistical picture of the number of EDRs between the EDR processor and the data store writer.
  • Audiences are now both speaking the same language and reading from the same playbook.
  • No matter how short or long the Release Notes document, clarity in the text is important.
  • They want you, the user, to be able to view information about their latest update wherever you are.

Be specific, and use media such as photographs and videos of the new features to support your claims. Overview – An overview of the product and changes to the recent software version. Overview – A brief overview of the product and changes, in the absence of other formal documentation. List of specific actions needed by users or functionality impacted by the changes. A brief overview of the product, feature update, or bug fix. Software releases are an important part of application management lifecycle.

We also make all of our release notes easily accessible by putting them in either the upcoming or launched sections of our Feature Breakdown Board, where they can be further organized internally. If you’re not using Guru, we recommend trying to create a release notes page, or linked changelog. Audiences are now both speaking the same language and reading from the same playbook.

Create a changelog:

A release may in some situations require consideration in order to be valid. A release of one joint obligor sometimes is considered to release all the obligors. The group also said detained transgender women were mandated to attend conversion therapy sessions as a condition of their release. There is a lot of controversy over whether or not wolves should be released into the park. Release suggests a setting loose from confinement, restraint, or a state of pressure or tension, often without implication of permanent liberation.

As with any other process, this one is constantly evolving. Product delivery and release notes are never as simple as one-and-done. As the needs of your business change, your process, responsibilities, and templates should change with them. But by striving for easy understanding, context, and usability, you can’t lose. Spite all of the above, it’s not actually as simple as agreeing on terminology, writing killer release notes, and creating a mechanism for dynamic product delivery. The Push method comes into play when knowledge about a release is time-sensitive, and critical for specific teams.

What do you write in the Release Notes?

Free, release, liberate, emancipate, manumit mean to set loose from restraint or constraint. Adopting DevOps can be challenging, especially when communicating across IT and business teams. While it’s not necessarily easy to become certified in microservices architecture, there are plenty of definition of release note courses you can take to … You may want to download theUser Guide Templateto ensure your documents are well synchronized. Customize headers and footers, as well as other styles according to your company’s guidelines. Becoming more productive and had fewer meetings to attend over time.

However, even technical readers’ attention spans are shorter these days than they were previously. These resources can serve as “how-tos” for learning how to use the new capabilities, especially if they are technical. Include any changes and upgrades from the previous version. It is the most significant portion since it encourages readers to upgrade to the new version.

They also need to consider how they can help end users understand the impact any change will have on them. “Release notes are documents that are distributed with software products, sometimes when the product is still in the development or test state (e.g., a beta release). Release Notes are usually written by technical writers which are communication documents shared with clients.

For example, your marketing team needs to know how to position an upcoming change. Your support team needs to know what changes you’re making to their workflows. As for all the bugs that were found after the release, again this is management’s fault for NOT having a proper testing process before release .

This might only warrant a single bullet point in your external release notes. My philosophy is that you should also create internal release notes for your internal https://globalcloudteam.com/ stakeholders. As you may know, Laravel transitioned to yearly releases with the release of Laravel 8. Previously, major versions were released every 6 months.

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